Thanks to “John Baker” from Hawthorne HS, Los Angeles Ca. for this collection of the 60s Slang. As you can see he and his Classmates worked extremely hard to compile it. Please check out the Cougars website for more info on 60’s Slang.

A Gas . . . A lot of fun.
All show and no go . . .Referenced to a car that had all the pretty chrome goodies, but wouldn’t get out of its own way
Ape . . . Used with “Go”, “Gone” or “Went”. To explode or go completely irate. Example: “When my parents saw my report card, they went ape.
BA . . . Bare Ass
Bad . . . Awesome.
Badass . . . A tough guy. A guy you really don’t want to mess with.
Thanks again to Ron Stowe for this one.
Bag . . . To Steal. Example: Who bagged my towel? ; also see Score
Also; “What’s your bag” meaning what’s your problem or where are you coming from.
Ball . . . To party, as in Little Richards “Good Golly Miss Molly, Sho Like To Ball”.
Later, it meant having intercourse.
Bean Wagon . . . A Lowered all the way around, usually Hispanic owned Chevy, but could be anything.
Beat Feet . . . Leave the scene in a hurry.
Birth Control Seats . . . Bucket Seats
Bitchin (See also Twitchin’) . . . Good, Exciting, Awesome.
Blast . . . A Great Time. Example: “We had a blast at the Prom”.
Blew the doors off . . . Easily beat the other car in a race.
Blitzed . . . Drunk
Blown . . . A car engine that has a blower (supercharger) installed. Goes between the intake manifold and the carburetors/injectors. The blower made it go faster, which was always good.
Blue Flamer . . . Take a B.A. ( also in the slang section ) and add a big fart…then ignite it with a match..
Bogart  . . . To “hog” something.
Bone Yard . . . Auto wrecking yard; Junk yard.
Boogie . . . See Cut Out
Book . . . Leave the area.
Bookin’ . . . Going real fast, usually in a car.
Boss . . . A great or cool thing. Example: “The Beach Boys new record is really boss”.
Bread . . . Money
Brew (Brewski) . . . Beer
Brody . . . Also, Brody Out; To skid in a half circle with the brakes locked up.
Brody Knob . . . See “Suicide Knob”
Buddha Head . . . Someone of Asian descent. (Pre-Political Correctness)
Bug out . . . Leave the premises
Bummed out . . . Depressed
Bummer, What a . . . How depressing
Burn Rubber . . . To accelerate hard spinning the tires, making noise, and billows of smoke come from the rear of the vehicle.
Candyass . . . A real wimp or an uncool thing.
Cat . . . A guy.
Cherry . . . Pristine, Totally Clean. Example: “That rod is cherry”!
Chick . . . A girl or a woman.
Chicken, To play . . . Two cars race toward each other; the first to pull to the side is the chicken (coward)
Chinese Fire Drill . . . Stop at a Red Light. Everyone on the Driver’s side would run around and get in on the Passenger’s side. Everyone on the Passenger’s side would run around and get in on the Driver’s side.
Choice . . . Really cool or bitchin. Example: “That girl with the tight sweater is really choice.”
Choose Off . . . To pick a fight or a race; as in, “John is going to choose-off Bob in a race for pinks”. Or, “Ralph chose-off Bertha after school and she kicked his butt.”
Chop . . . To cut down verbally.
Example: “Man, you’re so ugly, you gotta slip up on a glass to get a drink of water.” (Now that was a “chop”.)
Chopped . . . A section is cut out horizontally through the roof pillars of a car to lower the roof.
Chrome Dome . . . A bald guy.
Church Key . . . Before poptops, a Beer or Soda can was opened with one of these.
Circus Wagon . . . A car, usually lowered, with an outlandish paint job, but in lousy shape, mechanically.
“Climb it, Tarzan” . . . An act of defiance. Said while giving someone “the bird”.
Cool . . . Nice.
Cool Head . . . Nice Guy
Cooties . . . Someone who wasn’t cool had them. No one ever saw them, but you knew who had them.
Cop a Feel . . . Touch a girls “parts”, sometimes pretending it was an accident
Copasetic . . . Very good; all right, as in no problems. Example: Everything is copacetic.
Crash . . . Go to bed; go to sleep.
Crop Duster . . . A car with loud glasspacks.
Cruising . . . Driving up and down the same street looking for races, girls, guys, etc.
Cut Out . . . To leave without ceremony. As in, “Bob, this party is a drag. I’m gonna cut out.”
Cut Outs . . . Additions to the exhaust system that would let you open the exhaust pipe in front of the muffler to let the engine breathe easier, thus adding horsepower and a whole lot of noise.
Daddy-O . . . Actually a 50’s term for Man.
Daddy’s Car . . . A car that was very conservative looking; that might be owned by your parents.
Dagoed . . . To lower a car in the front. (See Rake)
Decked . . . A term used to indicate that the trunk handle had been removed, the holes filled, sanded smooth and primed. (See Nosed)
Decked Out . . . Dressed up.
Deuce . . . A 1932 Ford. As in, “She’s my Little Deuce Coupe, you don’t know what I got”. 
Dibs . . . Most always used with “Got”. Example: I “got dibs” on that Coke bottle. Meaning you owned that Coke bottle.
Dig . . . Do you understand?
Ditz . . . An Idiot
Don’t Flip Your Wig . . . See “Don’t have a Cow”.
Don’t have a Cow . . . Used when someone was “going ape” or perhaps being a “spaz.”
Example: So I took your book by mistake, don’t have a cow about it.
Don’t Sweat It . . . Don’t worry about it; stop bothering me
Drag . . . To race another car a short distance (sometimes one block, sometimes two or three blocks) from a standing start at a stoplight when the light turned green. The term originally comes from the phrase “main drag”, a combination of “main” or main street in town, and “drag” which referred to a car that was lowered in the back and dragged the ground if it hit a bump while racing or was just so low that it touched the ground if the street was not perfectly level.
A Drag . . . Someone or something that’s boring or un-enlightening.
Drawing Designs . . . Usually some guy looking a girl over REAL good. Example: Ron was really drawing designs on Carolyn at the party last night.
Duck Butt, Duck Tail or DA . . . A way of combing your hair in the back. Instead of combing your hair straight down in the back, you would comb both sides in towards the middle and then, with the end of the comb, part it down the middle.
Dude . . . In the 60’s, a dude was a geek or a panty waist.
Easy . . . Another way of saying Goodbye. Example: “Easy, Man!!”. Also a girl who was a sure thing, sexually. Example: That girl Bob took out last night was “Easy”.
Fab . . . Great, fantastic, fabulous.
Far Out . . . Excellent, cool.
Fink . . . A tattle tale. Example: You’re such a fink. Why do you always tell mom everything I do? Thanks to Debbie Sims (69) for another great 60’s word.
Five Finger Discount . . . Anything obtained by theft.
Five-Oh-Two . . . Drunk Driving (502 was the State penal code number for the drunk driving infraction at that time)
Flake . . . A useless person.
Flake Off . . . Get outta here.
Flat Top . . . A very short hair cut, usually cut extra close on top.
Flat Top with Fenders . . . A flat top with long sides.
Flee the Scene . . . See Bug Out
Flip Flops . . . Thongs (that went on your feet)
Flippers . . . Dodge Lancers or Olds Fiesta Hubcaps.
Flower Child . . . A Hippie
Fox . . . An outstanding looking girl or woman.
Freak Out . . . Temporary loss of control due to an unpleasant event.
Funky . . . Neat, Cool; also gone bad. Example: I think that milk is funky.
“F**kin’ A” . . . This was simply the vulgar form of, “I concur”.
Fuzz . . . The Police
Get or Lay Rubber . . . To leave some rubber on the street while accelerating in a vehicle. A term used usually with first, second, third, or fourth gear.
Example: “Bob’s 49 Ford is pretty fast. He can get second gear rubber.
Gimme some skin . . . Shake hands
Ginchy . . . Form of this word made famous by Ed Kookie Byrnes in the song, “Kookie, Kookie, lend me comb your hair”.
Go All The Way . . . Have sex with.
Going Steady . . . If you were “Going Steady”, you were dating only one special person.
Golden . . . See Cherry.
Gone . . . Cool, groovy, neat, neato; said of a person, as in He’s a real gone cat. Or you could say, I’m gone over him. (wowed, infatuated, totally sold on). 
Gnarly . . . Originally a difficult or large wave (He wiped out on a gnarly wave),later anything big or difficult (The Chemistry test was gnarly.), then later an expletive of approval (That custom paint job is gnarly!)
Greaser . . . A guy that used too much grease in his hair. Usually “LB Butch Wax”, Brylcreem  or “Pomade”
Gremmy(sp) . . . A rookie surfer.
Groovy . . . Nice, “Cool” or Neat. Used commonly among hippies in the 60’s.
Groady (grow’- tee): . . . A shortened version of grotesque. When we went to wash the car (by hand at the park) we wore our grotees. Also, someone’s dorm room if it was “trashed” out would be called grotey.
Glasspacks . . . Mufflers that are packed with fiberglass to muffle the sound. They came in different lengths. The shorter the glasspacks, the louder the car.
Gutt Waddin’ . . . Any type of cheap fast food, to fill you up and take the hunger away. Example:”I’m going to Skippys to get some Gut Waddin.”
Thanks to Carl Rilling (HHS 59) for this forgotten term.
Hacked . . . Angry, disgusted, mad, ticked off, etc. Sometimes used in reference to parents. “My Old Man is really hacked at me about my grades….”
Thanks to Bob Melendrez HHS’71 for this one that almost slipped through the cracks.
Hairy . . . Large; out of control. Example: “Check out the hairy slicks on that Chevy.
Hangin’ . . . Awesome, Cool. Thanks to Debbie Cogan Schreiber HHS72 for this one.
Hangin’ a B.A. . . . A car full of guys pulls up to another car (usually full of girls) and one of the guys pulls down his pants, bends over, and sticks his “bare ass” out the window.
Thanks to Judy DeGrazia HHS64 for this classy entry. (A girl just had to remember this one.)
Hang Loose . . . Relax; Take it easy.
Haulin (Ass) . . . See Bookin’
Hauls Ass . . . A car that really moves.
Example: “Since Ron put the new engine in his car, it really hauls ass!”
Heat . . . The Cops
Heavy . . . Deep, Cool, Chaotic, Sad, Controversial
Hep . . . With it. A person who understands the situation.
Hip . . . Very good,cool.
Hodad . . . A non-surfer, usually someone who just hangs around the beach.
Hook . . . Steal
Hopped Up . . . See Souped Up
Hunk . . . What a girl would call a good looking guy
Ivy Leaguers . . . A type of men’s pants with no pleats, made of polished cotton, and with a buckle in the back. 
Jacked Up . . . To Raise the front end of a car. Done to transfer weight to the rear wheels for drag racing or just to make your car look cool.
Car shown with Collector Headers.
Jam . . . To leave the area, (See “Cut Out”)
Example: “Hey John, this party is going to get busted. I’m going to jam!”
Jazzed . . . Elated, Excited; “This is going to be a great reunion. I’m really jazzed about going.”
Jelly Roll . . . Another way of combing your hair. You comb it up and forward on both sides and bring it together in the middle of the forehead.
Jinx, You Owe Me A Coke!! . . . When two people said the same thing at the same time, one would slug the other on the shoulder and say these 6 little words.
I don’t think anyone ever paid up.
Jump Bad . . . Looking for a fight – acting tough. As in “I think Jim was drunk last night, he tried to jump bad with everybody!”
Keen or Keen-o . . . Someone or something that was Cool.
Kibosh . . . To quickly put a stop to; Put the Kibosh on
Kipe . . . To steal.
Kissee . . . A cross between kiss-ass and sissy.
Kiss up . . . The proverbial “Teachers Pet”. This person who would do anything to please the teacher.
Knocked Up . . . Pregnant
Kybo . . . The bathroom. Stood for Keep Your Bowels Open.
Later . . . Goodbye; See you later
Lay A Patch/Strip . . . To accelerate leaving a strip or patch of rubber behind on the road.
Lay it on me . . . Speak your piece.
Lay some scratch . . . To burn rubber in a vehicle. Example: That car is so powerful it can get second gear scratch.
Lead Sled . . . Lead was used prior to Bondo to fill in the holes and to do body work. A lead sled was a car that had extensive body fill work done with lead.
Light’em Up . . . See Burn rubber
Lip Flappin’ . . . Talking about things of little importance.
Loaded . . . Intoxicated
Loose Finger . . . Leuzinger High School
Lowered . . . To drop a car all the way around. Car shown with Lake Pipe
Make Out . . . Usually a kissing session in a parked car at a Drive In or other secluded place.
“Meanwhile Back At The Ranch” . . . Used when someone who was telling a story would ramble off to another subject. So, the term was used by the listener to get the storyteller back on track. The term itself was no doubt linked to “the Western,” which was TV’s dominant genre in the late 50s and early 60s. Bonanza, Have Gun Will Travel, Rawhide, The Virginian and many more shows.
Meat . . . As in, “Hey Meat”; A jocks term for “Guy” or “Man”
Bill Sloey is responsible for this classic. Thanks Bill
Melvin . . . See Wedgie; Example: “Jimmy the Fink was smarting off to Billy, so I sneaked up behind him and gave him a Melvin.”
Midnight Auto Supply . . . Car parts obtained through theft.
Mirror Warmer . . . Usually, a piece of pastel blue or pink cashmere that was attached to elastic and was placed around the perimeter of your inside rear view mirror. It was usually your girlfriends idea.
Moon . . . To drop your pants, bend over, and show your bare butt. (See “Hangin a B.A.”)
Moons (Baby Moons) . . . Chrome hubcaps that were smooth and domed. They fit the inner part of the wheel, leaving room for beauty rings.
Neat (Neato) . . . Nice; Sharp
Nifty . . . Meaning “Cool” but usually said by someone who wasn’t.
Nosed . . . A term used to indicate that the hood ornament had been removed and the holes filled with bondo. The spot was sanded smooth and at least primed. (See Decked)
Old Lady . . . Your Mother.
Old Man . . . Your Father.
On the Make . . . Usually after a break up of steadies, a guy or girl who was “on the make” was looking very hard for a new mate. Also, someone who’s looking for another someone, sexually.
Outta Sight . . . Fantastic, Awesome. Example: Hey Kathleen, that tie dyed top your wearing is “outta sight”.
Pad . . . Someone’s house. Example: There wasn’t much to do so we all hung out at John’s pad, drank Cokes and listened to records.
Padiddle . . . A word “called” by someone that has just seen a car with one headlight. The caller then receives a kiss from the person of their choice.
Padunkle . . . Same as a Padiddle only it refers to a car with one tail light.
Pants . . . An activity where usually two or more boys physically remove the pants from another boy so as to cause him embarrassment in a group setting.
Panty Waist . . . A mama’s boy or a geek.
Paper Shaker . . . Pom Pom Girl
Passion Pit . . . Drive-in Theater
Peel Out . . . (See Lay A Patch/Strip)
Peepers . . . Glasses
Peggers . . . A type of men’s pants, very similar to today’s dockers, but with a cuff.
PG . . . Pregnant
Pig . . . Cop
Pig Out . . . Over eat
Pin . . . To look hard at someone. Example: Hey Bob, That guy over there is really pinning you.
Port Holer . . . 57 T-bird
Pound . . . If someone was going to beat up someone else you said he was going to “pound” the other person. For an example, Joe caught Jim with the hubcaps that he stole from Joe’s ’50 Merc last night. He’ll probably pound him after school.
Primo . . . First class.
PV . . . Palos Verdes. A great place to make out. (Also stood for Pregnant Valley) 
Rake . . . Also “On a Rake”. To lower the front end of a car.
(Shown with Scavenger pipes) Example: “Carl’s short has a bitchin’ rake.” 
Race for Pinks . . . Also race for pink slips. Meaning two people race and the winner gets the others car.
Rags . . . Clothes
Rap . . . Talk
Rat Fink . . . (See Fink)
Raunchy . . . Raw, Rank, Disgusting
Real Gone Cat . . . Someone who marches to his own drummer. Example: The Fonz is a real gone cat.
Right On . . . I agree; I concur
Righteous . . . Extremely fine, beautiful. For us guys it was generally used when talking about the most important areas of our lives; cars and women.
Examples: “John’s got a righteous new paint job on his ’58 Chevy”. “Ron met this righteous babe down at 26th St.”.
Ripped Off . . . To have something stolen, or to have stolen something
Rule . . . As in, “Hodads Rule”; To take ownership of
Sad . . . An expression of disapproval. Example: “That cat is really sad.”
Sanitary . . . See Sano
Sano . . . Usually referring to someones car, or part of ones car, as being pristine: “Ron did a sano job on his 56 Chevy”.
also “Super Sano” (Very Pristine)
Scarf . . . To eat very fast. Example:”I’m going to scarf this hot dog”.
Scheming . . . When someone is really interested in the opposite sex. Example: “Jim is really scheming on Jill” Thanks to Lillian McDonald Parra HHS63 for this one.
Score . . . To obtain something valuable or necessary; (Let’s go score some pizza.); Also to go all the way with a girl.
Scratch . . . Money
Screwed, Got . . . Cheated out of something
Screwed up . . . Made a mistake; messed up in the head; intoxicated
Sectioned . . . A section is cut out horizontally through the body of a car to give it a lower sleeker look.
Sex Pot . . . A sexy or seductive woman.
Shades . . . Sunglasses
Shag Ass . . . Let’s get out of here. Example: “Let’s shag ass before the cops get here.
Shake it, Don’t Break it! . . . Said to a girl who had an awesome wiggle in her walk.
Short . . . Car.
Shotgun . . . A place of honor in the front seat of a car nearest the door. Usually reserved for the coolest guy in the group besides the driver of the car. If there is a doubt, before entering the car someone will call shotgun and then everyone will argue as to who actually will ride shotgun.
Skag . . . An ugly girl.
Skank . . . See Skag
Skanky . . . Gross, Disgusting
Skirt . . . Girl
Skuzz . . . Lowdown; undesirable
Skuzz Bucket . . . An ugly car
Slut . . . A promiscuous girl
So Fine . . . Another cool or bitchin’ thing. “That girl in my science class is so fine”.
Used in a variety of early rock and roll songs usually as follows:
“She’s so fine, she makes me want to blow my mind”.
Smokem’ . . . “Let’s see you burn rubber”
Solid . . . Something that is ok or all right.
Sosh . . . Meaning a person who is stuck-up, snooty, and thinks they are better than everyone else. Example: “That girl wearing those fuzzy bobby-sox is a real sosh!” (Now, in the 90’s, we know of course, that fuzzy bobby-sox DO indicate superiority.) 
So Tough . . . See Tough
Souped Up . . . A car that’s had the engine modified to go fast. Example: “Bob really souped up his car. It did the quarter in 14.5 seconds!”
Spaz . . . Used as a put down, or to describe someone who was acting retarded.
Split . . . See Cut Out
Sponge . . . One big need. Everything you get comes from those around you. AKA; bum. Also practiced by those who are so stingy as not to spend their own money. Someone who is always borrowing money or is always broke. A spongy person
Square . . . Someone who was not “Cool”. Example: “Jerry’s so square, all he does is his homework, watch TV, and he doesn’t even like Elvis!”
Stacked . . . Being well endowed, “Upstairs” Example: “Wow, that girl is really stacked!!” Thanks to Debbie Sims (69) for this classic 60’s word.
Steady . . . Boyfriend or Girlfriend
Stoked (as in I’m stoked) . . . Excited
Stone . . . A car that’s pretty slow.
Stoned . . . Intoxicated
Stood Up . . . When a guy (or girl) didn’t show up for a date
Stuck Up . . . Conceited
Stud . . . See Hunk
Submarine Races . . . A place at the beach or PV, where you would park facing the ocean and wait for the Submarines to start racing. Of course they wouldn’t show up, but while you were waiting, you’d make out….for hours until the insides of your lips were raw.
Suicide Knob . . . A knob placed on your steering wheel allowing you to drive with one hand, leaving the other free to put around your date.
Swampwater . . . Half A&W Root Beer and half Orange Drink.
Swapping Spit . . . Those passionate, “get down and really into it”, French Kisses.
Swordfish Fights . . . See Submarine Races
Swear to BuddhaI guess we thought it was less irreverent than saying “I swear to God.”
Sweat Hog . . . A fat chick.
Sweat Parties . . . Intense physical exercise after school to make up a non suit (strip) usually at the hands of Messrs Bravo and / or Sevier.
“Taco Wagon” . . . See Bean Wagon
“T Bucket” . . . A hot rod made from a Model T Ford. A two seater, with lots of go. Norm Grabowski, Tommy Ivo, and Edd “Kookie” Burns made them famous on TV. They are still popular.
Teach . . . A Teacher
“The A” . . . The A&W Drive In (Hawthorne Bl and 136th St)
“The Beach” . . . Lions Drag Strip in Long Beach
“The Bird” . . . The Finger.
“The Digs” . . . The Drags
“The Hill” . . . The Wich Stand (Slauson and Overhill)
“The Most” . . . Something that is the best or the greatest (Superbitchin’)
“The Man” . . . Police
Thicker than a $5.00 malt . . . Someone that’s not too bright. Back then, malts were only 30 cents!
Think Fast . . . It usually was used to tell you to get ready because someone was tossing you something.
Thongs . . . In the 60’s, thongs were something you wore on your feet.
Threads . . . Clothes
“Three On The Tree” . . . A car with a three speed manual transmission and the shifter on the steering column.
Tooling . . . To cruise or drive around without aim. As in: “There was nothing to do last night, so we just went tooling around.”
Tough or Tuff . . . Neat, cherry, great, bitchin’. – as in “Wow, she’s really a tuff chic!”
Trollin’ . . . Cruising the Boulevard looking for girls. As in “Let’s go trollin’ for some chicks.
Truckin . . . As in we’re “Truckin” over to Joe’s house to party, or Let’s “Truck” on over to Holly’s and scarf.
Twice Pipes . . . Dual Exhaust
Twitchin’ . . . The word used instead of Bitchin’, around your parents
Uncorked . . . Running your car with the “Cut Outs” open.
Wedgees . . . A shoe style. The sole and heel were one piece and on the same plane.
Wedgie . . . When someone pulls your underwear up from the back and it ends up in the crack all on it’s own. Now they call it a thong and wear them on purpose.
Wet Willie . . . A trick played when someone wets their finger and puts it in your ear.
Thanks to Connie Jax Beverly HHS67 for the two, above.
What’s Your Bag, Man? . . . What’s your problem; where are you coming from?
Wicked . . . Term of Admiration. Example:”That Chevy that Bob has is one wicked machine.”
Wiggin’ out . . . Going crazy Great saying from Nancy Rose Sargent (79)
Winnie . . . As in, “He gave me the Winnie.” Or “I got the Winnie.” It could mean many things. For example: The jerk didn’t show up for our date last night! Or, I got grounded for coming in late! When things really got bad, it was the “Big Winnie.” Editors Note: Wasn’t there The “Green Winnie” too?
Wipe(d) out . . . Originally, to fall off a wave while surfing, later to crash one’s vehicle and severely damage it (He wiped his coupe out at the drags.), then later a term for extreme fatigue (I’m wiped out, I’m gonna crash.)
Thanks once again to Peter Schultz HHS 66for a great 60’s term.
Wiz, Take a . . . Urinate
Woody . . . An erection.
Woody Wagon . . . A wood sided station wagon used to transport surfboards and surfers to and from the beach.
Zits . . . Pimples.